Creedence Lenore Gielgud was a Goblin witch living in Nilbog in a large house containing stones from Stonehenge. She claims to be descended from druids of Stonehenge and is able to use magic powers that originate from the stone. Most of the time she appears human, however. (Troll 2)

Portrayed by Deborah Reed, she is the main antagonist of Troll 2.


Troll2 chainsaw

Creedence takes a chainsaw to Arnold.

Credence Leonore Gielgud, She is a psychotic witch who terrorizes Joshua and Co. She is a middle aged black haired woman, but also has a goblin form, similar to the other villains of the film. She also has powers of rejuvenation, which allow her to appear younger.


Credence claims to be of ancient druid decent. However it isn't clear if this is true, because transforms into a goblin to attack Joshua during the final act of the film. She worships the "Stonehedge Stone of Power" which gives her and the goblins power.

Credence first shows up during the first act when Arnold and the Forest Victim arrive at her house, where she introduces herself. When the two victims plead her for a doctor or a hospital she responds by saying there are none in Nilbog. She then offers the two a broth which she claims will heal the two. This turns out to be a lie, because at first contact, the forest girl slowly transforms into goblin food. She bewitches Arnold by freezing him, as he is helpless to see the girl get devoured. Credence then slowly transforms Arnold into a tree, until he discovered by Drew. Arnold's hope is short lived because Drew succombs to his wounds, caused by a cuncoction crafted by a goblin, and passes out. Credence discovers the two, and decides to murder Arnold with a chainsaw and then proceeding to feed his remains to Drew, who dies in the process.

During the final act of the film, she kidnapps Joshua, transporting to her mausoleum. However, Joshua is able to horrify Credence and the other goblins by devouring a baloney sandwhich provided by Grandpa Seth. This gives him the opportunity to grasp onto the Stonehedge Stone of Power, weakening it and the goblins with his good energy, then the rest of the family grab the stone. Loosing her power, Credence's body starts to deteriorate and spends her last agonizing moments screaming.