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Troll is a 1980s film series, comprised of three films which are entirely unrelated to each other. The first film, Troll, features Torok the Troll as the villain; Troll 2 features the Goblins of Nilbog; and the third and final movie, The Crawlers (or Troll 3), features Killer Plants as villains. There is also another movie sometimes called Troll 3, Quest for the Mighty Sword. This movie is really part of the ator series.

The Troll series, and Troll 2 in particular, are often seen as comical entertainment. There's a growing cult following around Troll 2 for this reason. The "Oh my Goooood" quote, for example, has over three million views on YouTube. In celebration of this, members of the Troll 2 cast produced the documentary film Best Worst Movie.

Various separate revival attempts are under way. The creators of the original Troll are hoping to create a new animated franchise based on the original film, starting with Troll: The Rise of Harry Potter, Jr.; the creators of Troll 2 hoped to follow up that film with Troll 2: Part II; and a new film, Goblin 2, is set in the universe of Troll 2, with one character returning.

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